Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tarot: Spiritual Guidance not Gospel

My relationship with the Tarot has been a labor of love.  Like any birthing labor it has not always been easy.  I started out trying to memorize the symbolism which is not that difficult; when you are giving a reading however, people don't just want you to spout off what the meaning of the symbolism is.  They want to know how that card applies to their question.  Sometimes after expressing my intuitive take on the card I use the symbology to explain how I came up with what I did.  

There are those who look to the Tarot to tell them exactly what they should do or not do in a situation.  It is important to remember that the Tarot is not dogma or gospel.  It only shows us what is likely to happen should we keep on the same course.  You must consider that pesky thing called Free Will.  Once we know what is likely to be our outcome, we sometimes change our course.  This can then make what is predicted not be what actually happens.  This does not mean that your Tarotist was wrong, it means that you decided to change course which caused a different set of events to happen.

There is no question that the Tarot cannot answer.  When I was being trained I was told that for Wiccans / Pagans the Tarot is a sacred book, much like the Koran or Bible.  We can look to it to guide us in any situation.  The operative word here is "guide".  The Tarot cannot give you information as to how to control someone else, i.e., make your boyfriend be faithful.  It can tell you if he is likely to be faithful or not, nothing more.  A good Tarotist can’t make decisions for anyone. Tarot can help point out our innermost desires, fears and motivations. Armed with that knowledge, we have an easier time tuning in to our inner guidance, and making the authentic choices that will create the future we desire.
If you are interested in learning more or in having a Tarot reading you may contact me at one of the resources listed below.  This Saturday, July 25, I will be reading Tarot at 2015 Conscious Wellness Expo sponsored by the Boeing Employees Parapsychology Club.  I would love to see you there.
Blessings and Peace,
Sydney Bridges

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